This is the official site for these apps. Written by Kevin Wacknov, BS Stanford University.

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Body + Mind + Affirmations
Learn the Mindful Movement Alphabet

Body + Mind + Affirmations App Icon Learn the Mindful Movement alphabet from the exercises available below. Feel comfortable with different mindful actvities.

Affirming Choices, Awareness Sphere, Body Scan, Bodyweight Exercises, Centers (Three), Chakra Meditation, Chi Gong - Eight Brocades, Clairvoyant Reading, Directing Awareness, Gratitude, Letting Go, Listening First, Lying Meditation, Microcosmic Orbit, Mudra Meditation, Organ Healing Sounds, Praying, Presence, Sending Warm Energy - Reiki, Sitting Meditation, Standing Meditation, Stretching, Tai Chi Pushhands, Tai Chi Silkreeling, Walking Meditation, Weight Lifting, and Yoga Yi Jin Jing.


Body+Mind+Affirmations Free
App Store iOS / AppleTV Mac App Store OS X Google Play Android Microsoft Store Windows 10


Mind Body Awareness Tool
Sit Back and Feel the Mind and Body Interact

Mind Body Awareness Tool Icon Enjoy feeling present and mindful with all of your thoughts, attitudes, and sensations. Relax and sense how your body and mind talk to each other to get tasks done. Also, sense more fully the mind-body connection in others.


Mind Body Awareness Tool Free
App Store iOS Mac App Store OS X Google Play Android Microsoft Store Windows 10


Inner Kung Fu Game
Develop Focused Awareness All Around Your Body

Relax and respond to focused awareness at different places around your body. This app also comes with a simple, healthy, animated exercise routine you can follow.


Inner Kung Fu Game Free
App Store iOS / Apple TV Mac App Store
Google Play Android Microsoft Store Windows 10


Voice Affirmations
Deepen Your Concentration

Affirmations Timer Logo Affirm thoughtful statements to yourself many times. Deepen your concentration and understanding of your profound spoken truths.


Voice Affirmations Free
App Store iOS Google Play Android


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