These apps are meant to help you out of bad feelings by giving you time to exercise your inner options.

This is the official site for these apps. Written by Kevin Wacknov, BS Stanford University, and Tai Chi student. These apps are free; they were made to be helpful. Please let me know how I am doing by leaving a review of the app at the store from which it was downloaded.



Rebalance (Rebalance My Energies)
Feel Better!

Feel better! Follow the 10 healthy body-mind postures.

Rebalance uses a healing algorithm similar to Chinese medicine to help you balance your energies and feel better. Just start it up, and follow along. No training or experience required. Takes only minutes to feel results.

Has two modes: Guided Meditation and Freeflow.


Rebalance (also called Rebalance My Energies)
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Move Well
Move Mindfully, Thoughtfully, and Spiritually

Body + Mind + Affirmations App IconMove Well guides you through mindful movement activities from Affirmations to Bodyweight Exercises to Chakra Meditations to Yoga Yi Jin Jing. It puts a wealth of spiritual information at your fingertips. Not in encyclopedia form, but as animated exercises you learn by doing.

Take as much time as you need to to learn to sit calmly, walk mindfully, do push ups, or send loving energy to others. Drawn from eclectic sources, it leaves no spiritual stone unturned. Choose exercises one at a time, or link them together into your own exercise sequence.

Pleasant sound and graphics make this learning tutor a fun and handy way to learn about spirituality and mindful movement. For all ages.


Move Well (was called "Body + Mind + Affirmations")
App Store iOS / AppleTV Mac App Store OS X Google Play Android Microsoft Store Windows 10


Mind Body Awareness Tool
Feel Inside and Think About It

Mind Body Awareness Tool Icon Enjoy feeling present and mindful with all of your thoughts, attitudes, and sensations. Relax and enjoy how your body and mind talk to each other all the time. Also, sense how the mind-body connection works in others.


Mind Body Awareness Tool Free
App Store iOS Mac App Store OS X Google Play Android Microsoft Store Windows 10


Inner Kung Fu Game
Develop Focused Awareness All Around Your Body

Relax and respond to focused awareness at different places around your body. This app also comes with a simple, healthy, animated exercise routine you can follow.


Inner Kung Fu Game Free
App Store iOS / Apple TV Mac App Store
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Voice Affirmations
Think About Important Things

Affirmations Timer Logo Repeats thoughtful statements to you many times with pauses between them. Deepens your concentration and understanding of your own profound spoken truths.


Voice Affirmations Free
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